Today fuboTV quietly dropped El Ray network and Fusion both owned by Univision. This comes a few months after Sling TV and Dish also dropped Univision owned networks. fuboTV has not said why but recently DISH accused Univision of demanding a large price hike. Recently Univision also announced plans to lay off 7% of their […]

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Today is the first live boxing broadcast for DAZN in the United States, featuring Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin, from Wembley Stadium in London, where more than 80,000 fans are expected to attend. U.S. fans can watch the fight live and on-demand only on DAZN. DAZN has been around for some time now starting in Europe and […]

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In just a few weeks the new season of Doctor Who with a new Doctor will be airing on BBC America. The good news is BBC America has become a very easy channel to stream online without the need for a cable TV subscription. So here is our quick guide on how to watch BBC […]

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This week T-Mobile announced plans to roll out their 5G home internet to over half of Americans over the next 5 years. According to T-Mobile, this means they will offer 300 Mbps to more than 250 million people and 500 Mbps to more than 200 million people. 5G home internet has already started to roll […]

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We often get asked what the best free streaming service is but instead of telling you what I think, last week we asked 2,000 of our readers what they thought. Here is the full break down of votes: The Roku Channel: 45.5% Pluto TV: 33.8% Sony Crackle: 11.6% Tubi: 8.2% Popcornflix: 1% Roku jumped about […]

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Yesterday PlayStation Vue started to contact subscribers to inform them that they plan to collect sales tax in select states. PlayStation Vue had already collected taxes in select states and towns. Now Sony is expanding to collect sales tax in select states starting October 1st, 2018. Here is the Email Sony is sending out: We […]

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Recently, we posted a story about the live TV streaming service SkyStream TV. Since then, some readers have raised questions about the service that we believe should be addressed.  Therefore, we have decided to pull the story until we can give clear answers to the questions raised. Once we know more we will post an update to our […]

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Did you ever dream of playing basketball at Bayside or jumping into the drama at West Beverly? School is back in session and there’s no better time to revisit the coolest schools from some of your favorite shows!

1. Bayside High School from Saved by the Bell

Who doesn’t want to attend close to the beach and within walking distance to The Max?! Also, seems that you can get away with pretty much anything at Bayside High…at least if you’re Zack Morris. Join the neon-clan 90s gang, where they survive final exams, school dances and breakups. Available on NBC (select seasons free), Hulu, Prime VideoGoogle Play, and VUDU

2. Constance Billard-St.Judes School from Gossip Girl

If jumping into the ring of drama is your thing then Constance Billard-St.Judes is your ultimate high school. The prep school on the Upper East Side of New York educates the most elite, well dressed and privileged which brings the most outrageous parties and perks. Oh, and the campus is pretty nice too. Available on Netflix, Prime Video, FandangoNOW, Google Play, and VUDU.

3. Sunnydale High School from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

From studying computer science to slaying vampires, there isn’t a normal day for Buffy Summers at paranormal Sunnydale High in Southern California. | Hulu, Prime Video, FandangoNOW, Google Play, and VUDU.

4. West Beverly Hills High School from Beverly Hills, 90210

An on-campus DJ, a beautiful campus, wealthy co-eds – all in one of the world’s most sought after area codes. And don’t forget the cool local hang out, The Peach Pit! Despite the daily drama, we all want to attend the ritzy West Beverly High. | Hulu

5. The Harbor School from The O.C.

Arguably the most stunning campus on this list, The Harbor School is actually shot at a college in Los Angeles. It boasts an on-campus cafe and barista, meticulously manicured lawn, close proximity to the beach and a parking lot full of Range Rovers and BMWs. | Hulu, Prime Video, FandangoNOW, Google Play, and VUDU.

6. John Adams High School from Boy Meets World

With the help of true love Topanga and best friend Shawn, Cory Matthews jumps from slacking in class to snacking at Chubbie’s Famous, the diner where students grab a bite after class. But the invaluable guidance from Mr. Feeny makes John Adams High School stand out from the others. | Hulu, Prime Video, FandangoNOW, Google Play, and VUDU

7. McKinley High School from Freaks and Geeks

Choose between the freaks and the geeks at colorful McKinley High, where mathlete Lindsay Weir starts hanging out with the school’s burnouts while her younger brother Sam tries to fit in during his freshman year. Available on Netflix.

Happy Streaming!

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Locast a new live TV streaming service that launched back in January in New York City to offer access to 15 stations including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Now Locast is expanding into a 6th market with the addition of Boston today. Don’t look for Locast to stop there according to the people behind the service they plan […]

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Amazon often has special movie rental deals. This weekend the $3.99 movie rental is the 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Now you have to be a Prime member to take advantage of this deal but if you are Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a great deal. About this movie: Owen and Claire return to the ruins […]

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